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Bitterroot Timberframes of Montana

Bitterroot Timberframes of Montana Ready and Capable of Immediate Response to the loss of Properties in Northern California.

BTF is proud to announce its continuing success in securing new projects for Barns and Barnlike Homes. BTF has developed unique design and structural engineering input on residential and commercial projects, focused on innovative concepts to save time and construction costs.

Together with its highly competitive pricing of custom fabricated timber frame  work, BTF has proven to be a unique source of standing dead, dry logs for timber framing, as well as reclaimed and antique materials for siding, trim, and flooring. 

Please Call or Text 406-581-3014 or 860-801-1224Napa Sonoma Mendocino Yuba


Black Friday Timber Reclaimed Timber & Barn Wood Sale

Three Mile Creek Post & Beam & Bitterroot Timber Frames

Reclaimed RS and hand hewn mixed hardwoods

DF, Barnwood $1.50 to $ 2.50 per bf.
Sale ends 12/15
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New Reclaimed Wood at Our Yard

 New Reclaimed Wood at Our Yard

New Wood Samples at Three Mile Creek Post and Beam#reclaimed #wood #antique #barnwood

Posted by Three Mile Creek Post and Beam on Wednesday, September 30, 2015TMCPB3TMCPB1TMCPB_WoodDetailMockUpTMCPB_WoodDetail_2TMCPB_WoodDetail_1TMCPB_WoodDetailTMCPBDovetailRestackExteriorFaceGray1DovetailRestackExteriorFaceGrayDarkerGrayBarnwoodIMG_20151102_092845654RoughStockSoffitsRoughStockResawn1x8ShiplapRoughStockSoffits1RoughStockSoffitsIMG_00002588IMG_00002587IMG_00002586IMG_00002585IMG_00002584IMG_00002575IMG_00002569IMG_00002568IMG_00002566IMG_00002565IMG_00002564IMG_00002556IMG_00002552IMG_00002546IMG_00002517IMG_00002515IMG_00002514IMG_00002513IMG_00002512IMG_00002497IMG_00002496IMG_00002493IMG_00002490IMG_00002489IMG_00002486IMG_00002483IMG_00002482IMG_00002481IMG_00002479IMG_00002478HandHewnMilledTrimHandHewnSlabSidingHandHewnDovetailCreamedRafterTailStock

FullSizeRender_1 (2)

New Arrivals at Three Mile Creek Post and Beam

TMPC has a large inventory of timbers, siding, flooring, and interior/exterior trim material. We also have shiplapped antique, reclaimed and handhewn products of all species. Our specialty is providing materials to contractors architects, and owners for custom homes and commercials projects. Our yard includes a shop for custom millwork and a dehumidification kiln.FullSizeRender_1 (2)

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Weathered Corral Wood

Weathered Corral Wood

Beautifully weathered Corral Wood . Aproximately 4000 bd ft 2×14 in 22′ lengths.wood

There are a handful of split or damaged pieces that will yield shorter lengths.
1000 bd ft 2×12 in random lengths to 10′. $3.50 per bf



Reclaimed & Aged Barn Wood by Brett Mauri

Reclaimed & Aged Barn Wood

  • Mixed, gray, brown available edged & thickness
  • planed in   5/8     3/4, 1″    5/4 x 4, 6, 8, 10″
  • 8′ to 16′ lengths
  • Cut Packs
  • Custom Wide Plank
    Widths to 16″ Available

Pricing from 2.50 per square foot


Reclaimed &  Aged trim in Fir, Cedar and Redwood – beautiful patina and affordably  priced.

2x & 3x Timber Slab Siding available back-rabetted.
With Reclaimed Wood Chinking in Aged &
Reclaimed Fir, Western Red Cedar, Antique Hewn Hardwoods

Shiplap & Beveled Siding in   1″    5/4″    2x stock

Please Contact Us for More Information
Brett Mauri & Three Mile Creek Post and Beam
567 Three Mile Creek Road
Stevensville, MT 59870
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