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The Bitterroot Timber Frame Story
The Bitterroot Timber Frame Story

Many years ago, a young man just out of college (James Mauri) designed and built a very small home overlooking the sparkling lights of Hollywood. On a clear day, you could see the Pacific Ocean. The house was very small but very nice. So nice, in fact, that it was published on the cover of the Sunday Home of the Los Angeles Times.

Years later, still working in the design world, now living in the not so shabby town of Greenwich, Connecticut, and spending his spare time renovating old New England homes, his sons were growing up and learning how to build. They actually liked building.

The Bitterroot Timber Frame Story
The Bitterroot Timber Frame Story

The Bitterroot Group of companies today designs and builds, beautiful mountain homes. Each new home is a new challenge and a unique structure designed for individualistic and discerning clients. They share one thing in common…using natural materials such as native stone and timber, they blend into their landscape and appear to have been standing for many many years.

We hope that you will enjoy this tour through some of the Bitterroot homes. Whether it be the architecture, the construction, or their skilled timber rights and log crafters, all of these homes have been the result of Bitterroot’s years of experience and commitment to quality.

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