Insulation Evolution

Barn-like homes, or just plain barns, fast, beautiful, authentic, structural timber frame designs, INSULATION EVOLUTION pre-insulated walls, delivered to your site in 16-18 weeks, ready to raise, at a cost far below structures that are built conventionally.
Don't wait for local tradesmen if your location has too few available to frame using conventional methods. Three Mile Creek Post and Beam and Bitterroot Timber Frames have created a wall system with the highest insulation ratings. The timber frame and the roof will be fabricated to carry loads suitable for your location and snowfall.

Our products are a part of the evolution of insulation development that has been used in aerospace technology. Reflective Insulation Products reflect back radiant (infrared) energy from the sun preventing it from penetrating your home. It also reflects radiant heat back inside, not allowing it to escape. Our use of these materials creates green savings.
Our shell package includes windows and doors, wood ceilings, exterior trim, and wood siding.
We recommend metal roofing, but all specifications can be determined by you, including a cedar shingle roof.
The entire shell package can be raised to close your building in by local tradesmen or our crew, in just 8 weeks, depending on the size. (lead times apply)
Three Mile Creek Post and Beam and Bitterroot Timber Frames have been designing and building these structures all over the U.S. for over 20 years and have an inventory of pro forma designs and budgets to begin the process. Call us for your new project! 406.258.8146

Performance 17 and performance 22
700 Sq feet per roll

1x and 2x in WRC
Df and reclaimed  Barnwood and timber