Commercial Projects

Commercial Projects

Three Mile Creek Post and Beam manufactures high quality post and beam products for commercial applications.

We specialize in all type of commercial post & beam construction. We offer custom handcrafted log & timber commercial structures featuring full-log, post & beam and timber frame construction.

Three Mile Creek Post and Beam also provides structural and applied log and timber components: trusses, beams, columns, railing, accents, and siding for a variety of applications.

The use of timber in building construction can positively contribute to sustainable building practices in many ways:

    • Timber is considered a renewable resource and the forests supplying timber can offer a natural carbon sink (it absorbs more carbon than it releases)
    • The resource extraction and manufacturing phases of timber products demand a very low amount of energy relative to more conventional structural materials used in construction;
    • Innovative timber systems designed for prefabrication and disassembly allow for reuse of the material and a more resource-efficient product life cycle
    • We offer offsite prefabrication and minimized onsite work allowing for high-quality certified production, independent from weather and a rapid erecting progress;
    • Reduction of building weight, resulting in savings in foundation works when compared to other construction materials;
    • Ease of alteration onsite; and
    • Increased flexibility in architectural design options.

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